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Seeing when your students are online.

This is useful because... You could tell them to log on the next day and if they don't.. Dun dun duun dun. Detention.

January 17, 2015



Or you could just give them a 0 for that homework.


Yup. And ask them if they are ok and would they like a chance to make up the assignment. Though, personally I'm not in favor of anyone being able to see when anyone else is online here, unless that person elects to update online/offline messages in their editable profile section.


Duolingo hasn't included an online/offline indicator for users in general this far and I'm nearly certain it has to do with respecting user privacy.


Most definitely. And the though of teachers seeing students online is a bit horrifying. Learning should be fun and you should not have the feeling of being constantly watched.


My feelings exactly. :)


What I mean is teachers see what language and if they are online. Not really looking in a webcam like most hackers.


That doesn't make it better. You are still invading their privacy by knowing when they are online. Also, considering your nickname it is scary how little you seem to know about "hackers".



If they share their progress with you, you can see how many XP they have earned and the skills they have practiced... which to me is way more valuable. I don't care if a student is on a site if they aren't actually practicing something.


If you have a moodle embed duolingo into an external tool. I found it was one of the few sites that open with this tool. You can then see when they went onto moodle and what site they used. With a completion of exercises give them a grade in the gradebook on the site.


Hi Ian, I'm curious about getting Moodle and Duo working together harmoniously and started a new discussion - would be grateful for any advice or insight. https://api-il.duolingo.com/comment/11543412


And I would love to see how many minutes each of my student uses Duolingo per day/lesson. Eg. if I give my students a lesson for homework, it would be great to see how many minutes each student needs to clear this.

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