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Some of the flashcard words are incorrect

Hey guys, I was using the flashcards for the first time, and some of them are incorrect, it may be worth reviewing them. Thanks :)

January 18, 2015



Many words have more than one meaning. Flashcards only show one of the meanings. Sometimes, it's possible the meaning displayed isn't the one you have learnt in Duolingo till that point. It maybe a good habit to do a search in a dictionary or Spanishdict.com when you come across a new meaning. This way we can keep on improving our knowledge of the new language.


I see what you mean, and its nice to learn more then one meaning, but wouldn't it be possible to show more then one definition on the back of the flash cards (and make the definition that you were taught bold).

For example, mono seems to mean both pretty and monkey in spanish. I can imagine a scenario where that is going to be confusing... : )


yes, but in many cases (that I've encountered in Italian and French) the word Duolingo suggests is a much less common one than a student would typically choose. I've seen it offer a specific verb form when the word is a very commonly used adjective, for example. I've reported these but never got a response.


But some of the translations are not in my Spanish English dictionary at all. Isn't there a way to stick to common uses?


I had tenho and it was translated as "run". I couldn t find that as another meaning. I had this impression before. Maybe also an instrument to enter the other meaning would help? Thanx anyway ;-)


I agree entirely. Surely it would make more sense to use the most common meaning rather than the sometimes obscure one in the flash card..

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