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I am an English teacher and I would like to have some advices how to teach them well. Thank you

January 18, 2015



Coursera has a free course called Shaping the way we teach English. From what I saw of the textbook and a few of the videos from the course, it has some good stuff. :)


I have just started a TEFL course and this is a fantastic link. Thank you so much Usagiboy7.

PS it started 2,weeks ago but it should be possible to catch up, plus there is a second part to the course which starts in about 3 weeks.


So glad you liked it! If you're worried about being behind, the videos are mostly just reinforcement examples of what you'll find in the book, or at least were in the first part of the course. I started it long while back but had too much competing for my time. Anyhow, Good luck with the course! :D


Well you could ask them what kind of subject they want to learn about like famliy then you could show and tell them what it looks like and sounds like


Just tell me if you want more information

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