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Help with Swedish

Hi everyone, I just started to learn Swedish. So far, I've completed Basics 1 & 2. I have a couple questions:

  • If I have a noun, let's say "___". How do I make it:
    • "a ___"
    • "the ___"
    • "___s"
    • "the ___s"
  • For some reason, my brain has a hard time remembering the word "tidning". Any suggestions?
  • Do you know of any good websites for Swedish pronunciation?
January 18, 2015



I remember tidning via English tidings. For a vs the it's where you put the en/ett (i.e. before or suffixed-to-the-end-of the word). For example en tidning is a newspaper but tidningen is the newspaper. Similarly ett brev is a letter and brevet is the letter.


Ohh.. that explains a lot. Thank you!


En is the general "a" and ett is the neutral "a"... En kvinna is a woman. Ett äpple is an apple.

To make them into the woman and the apple, kvinna becomes kvinnan (taking the n from en) and äpple becomes äpplet (taking the t from ett)... But there are other similar ways in which these are formed too. Read the tips and tricks for the lesson, it explains it. It is very tricky, because there is a word for turtle, the turtle, turtles and the turtles. It does make the language simpler to speak I guess.

For remembering, that is up to you. Just memorize it. I remember it because en tidning is so close to een tijdschrift (magazine in Dutch)...


Tidskrift is also the Swedish word for a kind of magazine.


Really? Thats weird lol... Such cognate


There are pronunciation related links in the sticky located here :)

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