Thank you

Hi, Just wanted so say thank you for all the work put into this. I have Irish citizenship through some convoluted means (through my grandfather but for some reason neither of my siblings have it, still don't understand how I do). And while I've never been to Ireland, I've set a goal for myself to move there in 2016. This is the time of my life to do incredibly random things and I might as well take advantage of my Irish heritage. Learning Irish is a way to stay motivated, interested and goal-oriented. It's also a really fun to test my grandmother's memory of the language.

So thank you.

4 years ago

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This was great to read! Thanks for sharing! I personally am loving Irish and I would love to live in Dublin or Cork! I love the history of Ireland and I have always been intrigued by Celtic languages! I don't have any Irish ancestry ( I am Persian, 3% Georgian), but I would still love to live there and call Ireland my home. I have lived in the USA for most of my life, and I think it would be nice to move to a different country and experience another culture! (: who knows? I might just get an Irish Wolfhound too! (:

Go raibh maith agat!! ^_^

3 years ago

Thank you! The history is fascinating. I haven't yet got tired of reading stories and books about it. I've always lived in one place (with the exception of a few years away for school) so the idea of just up and going is wonderful.

3 years ago

Good to see you reclaim your heritage. Where are you from?

3 years ago

Thanks. I'm from The Bahamas. Ireland does seem a world a way.

3 years ago

Tropical! I know the Irish were sent as slaves to Jamaica and Barbados in some numbers. What about the Bahamas?

3 years ago
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