"Det finns en lång bro mellan Sverige och Danmark."

Translation:There is a long bridge between Sweden and Denmark.

January 18, 2015

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I think that the bridge is Øresund Bridge.

You can see how long it is, in this video, where someone drives across the bridge, from Copenhagen to Malmö.


Thanks Genius Jack. You managed to side-track me for a whole hour. :) Just kidding, I would have been side-tracked all by myself. Here's another interesting video about the construction. Have a lingot!


Isn't it "officially" the Ø̈resundsbron so that it's in Swedish and Danish at the same time?


How long does it take to drive across?


I don't know, but the bridge part of the connection is almost 8 kilometers across, to the artificial island of Pepparholm. From there, a tunnel of about 4 kilometers takes the traveller to Denmark. The reason it's a tunnel on the Danish side is that the connection is located close to the Copenhagen Airport, and due to the planes landing and taking off it would not have been prudent to construct high bridge pylons.

Interestingly, the island of Pepparholm, called Peberholm in Danish, (Pepper Islet) is named that way to go well with the nearby Saltholm (Salt Islet).


I recall reading a comic from a Dane about how it was originally supposed to be a tunnel the whole way, but then Denmark got lazy and decided to build a bridge for their half instead. Clearly the poor guy had gotten the bridge-tunnel backwards, but it was still a cute image.


Actually the tunnel is on the Danish side and the bridge is on the Swedish side :-)


That's what I meant by "clearly the poor guy had gotten the bridge-tunnel backwards" :-P


yes, it was by Scamdinavia and friends. Love them!


12 minutes from Hyllie to Kastrup :) (by train)


There was a crime drama called The Bridge which was a joint Danish / Swedish production (its actual title was Bron/Broen). The English releases are subtitled, so it's probably a decent place to hear some spoken Swedish if you're not living over there. Also, it's a pretty great series regardless of whether you want to learn the language!

IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1733785


One of the greatest TV Series! Jjag älskar Saga Norén <3


Saga Norén, Länskrim, Malmö :P


Depending on where you live (I'm in Canada), you can find it on Netflix.


"Bron" is the reason I decided to learn Swedish. :-)


Does anyone know how or where can we see this show in the U.S.?


In a pinch, via Sweden’s most notoriska internet export.


It's on Netflix in Canada.


talar de Svenska eller Danish?


Både och :). De danska skådespelarna talar danska och de svenska talar svenska.


Ja man! One of the best series ever...really helped me to understand the spoken Swedish a bit better!


I'm watching it at the moment!


Yeee, the oredund bro!! My profile picture


I have not been over this bridge in real life, but I have driven over it a few times (in both directions) while playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 (not the same as crossing it for real of course, but still it was cool fun).


Oh! Øresund Bridge! I miss öresundståg and Lund so much....


When should i use det finns and when not to


[Hollow Talk by Choir of Young Belivers starts to play in the background]


When did this happen?


It's been a long time since I was in Sweden. I crossed by ferry several times between Sweden and Denmark, whether traveling by car or train. It was weird to be sitting on a train and feeling the motion of a boat instead of the rhythm of the rails. That made a big impression on me.


The bridge was opened to the public in 2000, if that's what you're asking. :)


Yes, thank you!
I missed that event, obviously! Lol!
Despite usually getting seasickness, I think I would choose the ferry instead of the tunnel if given the choice. It gives me the willies to think of being in a tunnel under the water. But I'm sure it is QUICK!


The ferry service between Malmö and Copenhagen was dismissed when the bridge opened. If you want to take a ferry, you need to go all the way up to Helsingør/Helsingborg.


Penguin, that is another possibility. Haven't looked at a map yet to jog my memory.

I think I flew in and out of Copenhagen once, and the other times I flew in and out of Luxembourg and rented a car.

Now that the subject has come up, I HAVE to know which ferries I took, lol!



Oh, I see! Well, the tunnel and bridge are looking even better now. :D

I'm trying to remember where I took the ferry. I'll have to look at a map and see what my route would have been. For some reason, I'm thinking I went through Helsingborg.


@Jean: If you came through continental Europe, you may have taken the Puttgarden-Rødby one as well.


The bridge is indeed usually a simpler choice. But the ferry may be smarter depending on your goal anyway.

I personally much prefer the bridge, even its tunnel part, to getting seasick. :p


Now that I think about it, seasickness is worse than the fear of tunneling under the water, lol! I'm pretty sure I've begged God to kill me when throwing up, lol.


why is it not "det ligger" or "det står" instead of det finns ??


Based on responses to similar questions in other discussions, it appears 'det finns' implies a more permanent situation than 'det ligger' or 'det står'. Given that the Øreslund Bridge is going to probably continue to be there for the entire lives of everyone here, I'd say it's permanent enough to warrant 'det finns' here.


I wondered the same thing. Seems like a bridge stands (står) more than lies (ligger), but either way, it seems to warrant more than just a finns. On the other hand, if finns is used to emphasize permanence, I can hardly argue that bridge isn't permanent!


Det finns means THERE is, det ligger means IT is. Because the subject has not yet been introduced it uses det finns


That's not really accurate.


Øresund Bridge! There is a series called the bridge. I like it so much and make me really want to learn Swedish.


Yeah, I'm planning to rewatch it after I finish the Swedish course :)


That bridge didn't exist, the last time I was in Sweden. If I ever have the opportunity to visit again, I'll be sure and take that bridge. So, is there a toll for crossing? Do you have to show a passport?


I've only crossed it in Euro Truck Simulator 2, and not in real life. In that game however, there is a toll on the Swedish side, but not the Danish side. Don't know how accurate that is to real life though. I think both countries are part of the EU, which means no need for a passport (at least, that's the case in the game, which does simulate customs checks for some countries). The rules might be different in COVID times, but since Denmark and Sweden have removed all their restrictions (or near enough), probably not.


Thanks Rowan. Hey, are you really studying all those languages ???? I'm only studying two and that's more than enough to confuse me - Ha!


Yes, I really am studying them. I cycle through them, spending a week or two on each one, and then moving on. Sometimes though, I might only spend a day or two on a language. For example, the Navajo course is pretty minimal (with just 11 skills) and not that well designed, so I usually only spend a short time in that before carrying on to the next one.

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