"Behandlingen är lång och dyr."

Translation:The treatment is long and expensive.

January 18, 2015

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Doesn’t Sweden have universal free healthcare?


It's not entirely free, but sort of, yes.


Am I right in thinking there's a cap/limit on how much someone need spend on medicine/treatment over the course of a year?


Yes, that is right. That amount may vary between counties, but in Stockholm it's 1100 kr (about €115). There are lots of exceptions, but that's the general thing. For more info in Swedish healthcare in English, see http://www.1177.se/Other-languages/Engelska/


Tack! I'm genuinely curious as I often dream of moving to Sweden from the UK, but have a kidney transplant, which requires clinic every few months and lots of medication.


I can't find an exercise with the the word "läkare" in, but I have question on it. Are there different words for a person with doctor's degree and a medical doctor in Swedish? Or are both just "en läkare"? In my home language Afrikaans there is, for example. Knowing this can be helpful in emergency circumstances. Tack.


läkare is the proper term, and doktor is the PhD sense.

But as in many other languages, we use doktor so much for medical doctors that it is perfectly normal and fine to do so as well, even in formal text.


man kan också säga "the procedure...."


Wouldn't that be used to talk about a chirurgical operation more than a treatment?


You're 100% correct.

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