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"It is a blue door."

Translation:Es una puerta azul.

5 years ago



How is "Es una puerta de azul" wrong? Isn't saying "Es una puerta azul" like saying the door blue...as if "door" were a shade of blue?

4 years ago


The answer is wrong because the door is the color blue, not simply containing the color blue. The door is blue vs. The door is of blue, the former is proper because it is describing the color of the door and it not grammatically awkward.

4 years ago


When the color is a simple adjective, you just say the color. It is grammatically correct in Spanish for the color (adjective) to follow the noun. Seeing this as strange is as reasonable as a Spanish speaker thinking your English is poor because you put blue in front of door.

De azul is correct if you want the door painted. In this case you aren't using a basic description of the door (as it exists). You are describing the color blue. Quiero la puerta pintada de azul.

4 years ago


Why is it now switched to porton instead of puerta? Does porton mean gate?

6 months ago


Why does door come before blue

4 years ago


Nouns tend to come before adjectives in Spanish. Not always - but in these first few Spanish lessons you might use it as a rule of thumb.

If an adjective comes AFTER the noun (un hombre grande) the adjective tends to refer to some objective quality and might restrict is. A big man. If an adjective comes BEFORE the noun (un gran hombre) the adjective tends to refer to some subjective or figurative quality. A great man (e.g. a historical figure)

The blue-quality of the door qualifies under the former categorie (objective, restrictive) and so the adjective is placed after the noun.

4 years ago


why is esta puerta azul incorrect?

4 years ago


Es & esta both translate to 'is' in English, but do not mean the same.

You tend to use es (and other forms of the verb ser) to describe the nature. So the door is blue, as in this example. You tend to use esta (and other forms of the verb estar) to describe more an active or temporal state. The cat is on the table.

Distinct verbs, which might take a bit to get used to :)

4 years ago


That means “this blue door"

4 years ago


Yeah but I think he meant esta with the tilde, as in the third person singular of estar. Most of us don't know how to do tildes on the regular keyboard.

1 year ago


Can i write "Ella (it) es una puerta azul"? I understand the subject is often inferred but is what i wrote wrong?

3 years ago


Mine says "Es un puerta azul" is incorrect. It says I used an incorrect word, and the correct word is "portón" ???

7 months ago


I got the same. :(

6 months ago


Same, "Es un puerta azul" was marked wrong even though all of the other questions in this practice translated door as "puerta" not "portón"!

5 months ago


Duo Lingo is forcing me to answer..."Es un porton azul". Not sure why it won't accept 'puerta' for door.

6 months ago


Why not puerta azula

4 months ago