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  5. "De radio staat uit."

"De radio staat uit."

Translation:The radio is off.

January 18, 2015



Does this work for other things that can be turned on and off? Also, how do you say "the radio is on"?


Yes, that works for other things too. And you can use the verb 'zijn' as well.

Your sentence would be either

  • De radio staat aan. (= most common)
  • De radio is aan.


Doesn't uit mean from or out? "The radio is from" and "The radio is out" make no sense


Yes, but it also means "off" when refering to appliances, lights, etc.

  • Ik doe het licht uit - I turn the light off.


Its like the phrase "turn the lights out" (maybe its colloquial though)


Not sure about "turn out", but you can definitely say that the lights are out in English, so "out" is sometimes used in English as well to mean "off".

Also in an expression "It's lights out for you".


We used to blow the candles out, before electricity.


How would one say "The radio stands out?"


"De radio valt op" or "De radio is opvallend"


Help i am being askef to repeat this lesson for the third time. I am also told i have no gems while i know i have thousands. Why is this happening. Is it just a further attempt to see plus? Just let me know. You are not usually slow in communicating!!!!


Know that no one on the technical team of duolingo reads these pages


How do you say the radio is standing outside? That's what I thought this meant


De radio staat buiten.


In this exercise Duo is not quite right. As a Dutch speaker I have always used AF and rarely UIT, backed up by the dictionaries that I use now: OFF = AF...and only in some cases 'uit'. Het licht gaat uit. The power is off...Het electriciteit is af or uit. Is the iron off?...Staat het ijzer AF? De radio staat af. Ik heb de radio af gezet. UIT is used if the fire is OUT.


I’ve never used af to mean off for radio’s, electricity etc


Never mind, each to his own.

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