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  5. "He is the fastest."

"He is the fastest."

Translation:Hij is het snelst.

January 18, 2015



Why is it het and not de?


How can both 'snelst' and 'snelste' be correct?


From the wikipedia article linked in different question:

... With the article de, there is an implied noun, and it might better be translated as "the most expensive one". The superlative must also be in the inflected form in this case, de duurst would be incorrect. With the article het, there is no implied noun, and both the inflected (het duurste) and uninflected form (het duurst) can be used.

As far as I understand there is no difference between inflected and uninflected form in this case. Further read http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_grammar#Comparative_and_superlative

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Can someone explain why het seems to not be inflected, but de seems to require inflection. I'm not sure what is the distinction in this sentence between "het snelst" and "de snelste" -- confused here!

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