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  5. "Is fearr liom a bhialann."

"Is fearr liom a bhialann."

Translation:I prefer his restaurant.

January 18, 2015



Look for the lenition or not following. His: Tá sé in a chónaí (He is in his living) and Her: Tá sí in a cónaí (She is in her living).

In your example Is fearr liom a bialann--her restaurant


How do I know when "a" means his or hers or it


And 'a' can also mean their, which causes eclipsis. So varying the example sentence:

  • Is fearr liom a bhialann. (I prefer his restaurant.)
  • Is fearr liom a bialann. (I prefer her restaurant.)
  • Is fearr liom a mbialann. (I prefer their restaurant.)
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