Audio problems


I am having problems in getting Duolingo to analyze the recording I made that I have finally given up. Here is what happens:

For all the exercises where I have to speak, Duo records my voice, when I click on hear your recording, I can hear my recording just fine BUT Duo does not do anything. It just sits there! I have left it in that state for more than 24 hours and it does not budge. The only way to move forward is either to turn off the mic or skip the question (and lose a heart).

I am working on a Mac. Here is what I have done so far:

  1. Retarted my browser and restarted my machine
  2. Reset the browser and restarted it.
  3. Used the following browers and all of them have the same problem: Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Safari, Rockmelt
  4. Deleted all the local storage by going to flash settings on my mac. This seemed to work for some time but now it has stopped working.
  5. Right clicked on record button and accessed the global flash settings and adjusted them also (as described here -
  6. Wrote to Duo support.

None of this has made any difference. Now I am working on Duo with my microphone turned off. Can someone help?!


July 30, 2013


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