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  5. "Hvor sidder nakken?"

"Hvor sidder nakken?"

Translation:Where is the back of the neck?

January 18, 2015



In my opinion, "Hvor sidder nakken" does not translate as, "Where is the back of the/my neck". It literally means, "Where is the neck".


Yes and no. In this case I think this is reasonable. "Nakken" does however have a somewhat posterior denotarion. Just the neck is usually referred to as "halsen".


I'm not swearing to this but I really think that hals is both neck and throat. "Nakke" is like Latin "Nucha" - I think - i.e. back of neck.


Once again, Euhan1. "Nakken" translates as "The neck". What people may say, or call various parts of the body, can differ greatly from fact; but that doesn't make it correct.


It should of course be "denotation".


Where is the nape, not the neck


I'm still stuck on sidder


It sits between your shoulders, so to say. You can use sidde to describe an upright position of a relatively short object.


Edward is right : where is the neck is correct


I too am confused with sidder. This is not even given as an option in the hover prompts, nor is it explained. How is one to know this is the correct term, as I also checked and the literal translation for Hvor sidder nakken is where is the neck, and not where is the back of the neck.


Why so many people have hard times with this? it is the same in hebrew and english, we have throat and neck, צוואר וגרון. when you use neck it is usually means the back of this part of the body.


In French there's also a similar word for that body part, la nuque. To me it seems logical but I can see why anglophones struggle with that word.


Who's struggling? Certainly not the anglophones. The neck is that part of the human body which is between the head and shoulders. The throat is the front portion of the neck. The rear portion of the neck is called the nape. https://www.britannica.com/science/neck-anatomy

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