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  5. "Hvor sidder nakken?"

"Hvor sidder nakken?"

Translation:Where is the back of the neck?

January 18, 2015



In my opinion, "Hvor sidder nakken" does not translate as, "Where is the back of the/my neck". It literally means, "Where is the neck".


Yes and no. In this case I think this is reasonable. "Nakken" does however have a somewhat posterior denotarion. Just the neck is usually referred to as "halsen".


I'm not swearing to this but I really think that hals is both neck and throat. "Nakke" is like Latin "Nucha" - I think - i.e. back of neck.


Once again, Euhan1. "Nakken" translates as "The neck". What people may say, or call various parts of the body, can differ greatly from fact; but that doesn't make it correct.


It should of course be "denotation".


I'm still stuck on sidder


It sits between your shoulders, so to say. You can use sidde to describe an upright position of a relatively short object.


Where is the nape, not the neck


Ok this might help clarify things, as I was confused too, but if you look at the hover prompts it gives the meaning of nakken as "back of the neck", so when talking about the back of the neck it's nakken. Coincidentally when I tried to translate the sentence, You turned red in your neck, with google translate, it used hal instead of nakke. So perhaps hal is used at times to refer to the neck, when it pertains to the front of it? Not sure, as I'm not a native Dane.

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