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"Nós lemos um livro para eles agora."

Translation:We read them a book now.

July 30, 2013



This one threw me because I translated it in my head as 'we read a book to them now'. Since neither 'to' or 'for' were among the available words I couldn't figure it out.


I think your initial translation is actually the best for this sentence.


How would I say "We read a book by them now"? (I mean written by them.)


I'll take a stab: "Nós lemos um livro escreveram por eles"


Thanks, r_i_l_e_y. I was wondering which preposition, actually. Paulenrique will know, I bet. You're probably right - ...por eles.


if one doesn't say "nós lemos um livro escrito por eles" (which sounds more natural), or you can say "nós lemos um livro deles" (de+eles)


Thanks, Paulenrique! "Escrito por eles" is what I was looking for. "Um livro deles" is a great alternative: a book of theirs. So, written by them. Can it also mean belonging to them? That was off-topic, just curious now.


yes... when we link de+ele,ela,eles,elas it can be ambiguous. For instance: "eu não gosto dela" (gostar + de + ela) in this case "dela" isn't possessive, but a contraction. "comprei o carro dela" (I bought her car). Now it is posessive. it isn't so tricky because, anyway, it is related to the 3rd person, singular or plural. ;)


anyway, use "por" when you have "by+doer", even if the doer is a pronoun, noun or name (A carta foi redigida por mim / O quadro foi pintado por Picasso /...)


Shouldn't it be "Nós estamos lendo um livro para eles agora."? Or is that present continuous another weird thing that only people in southern brazil use?


Yes, this is even more common! =)


I don't get why they don't teach that earlier on. It's pretty important. That and the preterite tense.


How do you know it is "one" book rather than "the" or "a" book?


yes, an/a/one = um(a), and you only get this through the context. But as for "the" = o, a, os, as.


Bem . Pessoal , entendam algo , isso é bem facil de se perceber .

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