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  5. "Cloisimid madra eadraibh."

"Cloisimid madra eadraibh."

Translation:We hear a dog between you.

January 18, 2015



Isn't 'we hear a dog among you' acceptable, since we don't know how many of 'you' there are, and there may well be more than two? e.g. 'Is beannaithe thú idir mhná' = 'blessed art thou among women'.


Given the lack of context, both “between” and “among”/“amongst” should be accepted for this sentence.


Go raibh maith agat.


Idiomatically it seems to make more sense to say that we hear a dog among you. Even then, it does not flow well in English (to my ears).


Just doesn't seem like a sentence that would ever be used to me.

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Duolingo isn't a phrasebook full of useful phrases for you to memorize. It's a language teaching tool that provides grammatically functional examples that teach you how things are expressed, so that you can use those building blocks to create your own sentences.


So...since our Duolingo lady had such a bad rep...I guess they switched her? I like the new one because it seems much more fluid on her part. But in this excercise Im fairly certain she just said Cloisi[mwid]...is that correct too? And then across the board or just this verb..?


She is saying 'cloiseann muid'. This form (known as 'analytic', in contrast to the 'synthetic' version 'cloisimid'), is an acceptable alternative across the board for the first person plural in the present tense. It is one of those things that vary according to regional dialect.

In the past, synthetic forms were more widespread, and they are more common in Munster. For example, I have friends who will commonly use 'bhíos' (= 'bhí mé'), as well as third-person plurals in the aimsir caite ending in -adar, e.g. 'thángadar' (='tháinig siad'). Some interesting stuff on this topic here: http://www.gaeilge.org/synthetic.html


Yes, we don't say "cloisimid" in Conamara. But she should've also stuck to the Conamara pronunciation with "madra" and not pronounce the R.


Nach mbeadh sé rud mar Cloiseann muid mada eatrab?


I played this twice and I could only hear "cloisim" I could not hear the "mid". Anyone else have this problem? Or is it my hearing?

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As mentioned in the earlier comments, she is actually saying "cloiseann muid", not "cloisimid".


It should accept this as a correct answer, then.

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