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  5. "I walk on Tuesdays."

"I walk on Tuesdays."

Translation:Siúlaim ar an Máirt.

January 18, 2015



Luan is like Lunes and Máirt/Márt? like Martes! (Both Spanish words for Monday and Tuesday)


In another exercise, "On Tuesday or on Wednesday" was translated as "De mairt no de ceadaoin", and "ar an mairt no ar an gceadaoin" was marked wrong.

I don't see what the difference is.

(I don't accept that it's singular/plural, because I would use "I walk on Tuesday" in this context.)

Thanks. A.


Dé x is when you do something adverbially, one day. Like, "I will meet you on Saturday." the ar an structure expresses more habitualness. "I meet you on Saturdays."


Another way I've heard it explained is that Dé... gets used when implying a specific day, e.g. Dé Luain seo chaite whereas the ...an... form is referring to those days in general, e.g. Mondays, or as galaxyrocker says, habitually.


Why is the "help" when I click on walk "walk on Tuesdays" = "ar an Máirt" only then followed by siulaim? Should it as a help not be "walk on Tuesdays" = "Siulann ar an Máirt" Doesn´t "ar an Máirt" only mean on Tuesdays?


Ok so I'm trying out "bím" and it does seem to me that "i do be walking on tuesdays" should be acceptable here: bím ag siúl ar an Mairt. Thoughts? Is my concept ok but my execution was wrong?

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