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Features needed for EFL / ESOL / ESL / EAP teachers


I teach EAP in a British university, which means that I have international students from many different countries in the same class. My situation is not as complicated as it would be for many EFL teachers, as at least I can read Chinese characters, but I do have a couple of Saudi students, and I can't read any Arabic.

A couple of related requests:

  • Access to the various trees so that we know what things the students will learn and when. Because my students are coming from a variety of different languages to English, I have a lot of different trees to think about. I'm going to ask my students to take screen-shots of their trees that I can print out and annotate, but it would be faster if I had direct access.

  • Translations of the trees - at the moment it seems that each starting language has trees in that language. This means that teachers have to either learn how to read those languages, or need to have annotated copies of each tree.

  • The ability to set your language in the teachers' dashboard view, so that all the students' activity is displayed in the language you set, rather than the language that the student is working from.

Long-term wish (EAP specific):

Access to a 'English to English paraphrasing' incubator (that name can be worked on). I think that Duolingo is great for drilling the finer points of grammar that my students struggle to put into practice, but they also have to improve their ability to paraphrase English sentences so that they can incorporate other people's work into their own writing with out plagiarising.

This is a significant need that all university EAP departments have, and is something that could generate a lot of interest from EAP teachers. My department is thinking about ways in which to set-up paraphrasing practice tasks on-line - being able to use the existing Duolingo features to do that would be very nice.

January 18, 2015



An English to English tree would be so helpful to so many students, both in and outside schools, whose first language is not one of the ones already on duo.

I regularly teach classes where two students speak Vietamese, one speaks Chinese and the others speak Amharic, Karen, Sinhalese, Tagalog, Tigrinya and so on. I can't make use of Duolingo for these students. An English to English tree is worth considering in terms of reaching so many more students. A translation based approach is not the only way of learning. Is it?

Duolingo is a fantastic resource! I am very grateful that it is doing so much good for me and for so many others.


I have to say that I LOVE the paraphrasing idea - in any language. I'm doing french at the moment and would love it if duo threw out some longer french sentences and asked me to rework the idea and say it in my own words. Think it involves a bit more thought than simply translating.


I work in a British school in Spain, so the students have a high ability of spoken English. Duolingo is great to get them to practice the finer points of grammar and syntax. I would LOVE for it there to be simply an English for English learners option, so more advanced students could access it without a need for a single mother language.


I too teach English to speakers of many different languages; the only one I'm able to understand somewhat is Spanish. I just signed my students up for classes, so I am not really sure what you mean by trees. However, I had to set up separate classrooms for each language, and that seems a bit tedious. It would be great if each student could be assigned a home language vs the entire classroom. However, I am very grateful to have this resource, and I am excited about getting started.

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