"She beat the big drum."

Translation:Hon slog på den stora trumman.

January 18, 2015

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Why is it stora, not stor, if there is only one drum?


en stor trumma - den stora trumman
ett stort hus - det stora huset

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Turn on the big drum - That too clearly announce or boast about something you plan to do Swedish idiom

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    Is slå always followed by på?


    My hon slog den stora trumman was accepted and I was also asking me if there is a difference between slå på trumman and slå trumman, maybe the latter is "destroy the drum" and sönder is not mandatory then.


    I guess my answer was marked as wrong because it's in past tense, I thought it was in present, so I wrote "Hon slår på den stora trumman" (I guess that English can be ambiguous), anyways... if it were in present (she's beating the big drum), would it be right as a sentence?


    "She beat the big drum" is a past sentence since it's "beat", not "beats" (the rule of the "s/es" for the present 3rd person singular), it's not ambiguous.

    I'm not native English, so I have really big problems with verbs like "let" or "beat" too, even if I know the rule. I don't often see that small detail when I'm using Duo =/

    And if it were present (without any context), yes, "hon slår på..." = "she's beating...". I still struggle with the regular present, "håller på" and "sitter/står/... och...", but all of them can be different kinds of present continuous in English (If I am not wrong).


    Why trumman not trumma

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