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"All problems have a solution."

Translation:Alla problem har en lösning.

January 18, 2015



Någon lösning? Does the suggested answer (en) imply that all problems have a (single) solution? I thought that 'någon' implied 'a' in a somewhat undefined manner as opposed to 'one'.


"En lösning" doesn't imply a single solution any more than "a solution" does. I mean, technically you could read it as implying that there is only one solution to each problem, if you only focus on the grammatical logic of the sentence, since it's "All problems have a solution" and not "All problems have solutions", but if you focus on the actual meaning , there is no such implication.


Could you also say 'Alla problem har lösningar''?


Not really - it mostly means the same thing but note that there's a distinction similar to that in English between "a solution" and "solutions".


I wrote 'alla problemer' and was marked wrong... does 'problem' only exist in the singular form?


No, but it's the same in the plural and in the singular, just like most ett-words. You could say e.g. Varje problem har en lösning for "Every problem has a solution".


thanks... those ett-words keep confusing me...


"Alla problemen" is correct as well, i princip.


Arguably, but I think it's better we stick to "all problems" = alla problem; "all (of) the problems" = alla problemen.

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