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"If I were faster, I would not have missed the train."

Translation:Als ik sneller zou zijn, zou ik de trein niet hebben gemist.

January 18, 2015



I used "vlugger" instead of "sneller". Why is this not deemed correct?


It's correct, it's just a missing alternative translation, I hope you reported it.


Is the position of 'niet' crucial? I tried 'Als ik sneller was, zou ik niet de trein hebben gemist', thinking that the 'niet' should go with 'zou', but it was not allowed.


The position of "niet" is important. The normal correct answer is: "Als ik..., zou ik de trein niet gemist hebben." But one could say "Als ik...., zou ik niet de trein hebben gemist." if you want to strongly emphasize the negative niet.

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