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  5. "His suit comes in a month."

"His suit comes in a month."

Translation:Hans kostym kommer om en månad.

January 18, 2015



How do you know when to use på or om? If I remember correctly, both can mean "in."


om with time means 'after some time period', like in this example. It's English that uses in for both 'after a certain amount of time' and 'during', as in in November.

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Is there a good resource i could use to learn and read up on all the different om/pa/i uses. The lessons here are apparently not quite doing it for me.


Ah, that's gonna be hard to remeber


Could we say "Sin kostym" instead of "Hans kostym" ?


No, sin always refers back to the subject, but here His suit is already the subject, so that is not possible here. You could say Han får sin kostym om en månad ('He gets his suit in a month') because then Han would be present in the sentence.


Thye way i remember om with time is to think about om as the word "about" like " in about a month"


Why "honom kostym kommer om en månad" not accepted?


honom means him not his, so it doesn't actually make sense


Did this scentence just openly say that om did not mean about?


How would one know that we are not talking about a suit in court? If so what would be proper translation;process etc.?

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