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Both the Danish and Swedish Trees are Done!

Thank you so much to Duolingo and to the makers of these fine courses in Danish and Swedish. I have always been fascinated by these languages and I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to study them here! I love their similarities to English, yet I enjoy the stark differences and challenges that they both present in their unique ways. They've made me more appreciative of Germanic languages in general and how English has evolved over time. And they definitely have greatly increased my interest in Scandinavia and the riches she has to offer. I hope to visit someday! Thank you, everyone, again. <3 <3 <3

January 18, 2015



Congratulations! Do you have any tips in how you handle so many languages at the same time?

25 lingots for you!

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Norsk kommer snart. Norska kommer snart.


I am so excited! I listened to a sample of it on google translate. It is really unique!


Jag kan väntar inte för det! Jag vill gör det så jag kan ser om jag vet vad de säger!


Grattis! Tillykke! Two very similar languages, so easy to confuse. But you completed them at the same time! Now, what language is next? :p


Well, I'm going to get as far as I can with Irish, so I guess it and Hungarian are next! :D


Irish is amazing... I bet you'll love it!


Congratulations on your success!! (:


Tillykke and Grattis, Knoxienne!

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