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  5. "Katterna äter musen."

"Katterna äter musen."

Translation:The cats eat the mouse.

January 18, 2015



It's kinda weird to say "The cats eat the mouse" in English at least, It sounds to me like the cats are all eating the same specific mouse, which is unusual


It is possible. A while ago I saw the cats of the neighbors sharing one mouse: it was not completely fair, because he gave her the head and he kept the rest, but still...one mouse, two cats.


I kept thinking that it's a mighty big mouse to be eaten by more than one cat! :)


I've put musen it says mossen. I then say mossen it say musen this had happened about six times now


Not to be a grouch, but at some point this new speaker is going to have to help us distinguish between her vowels (not to mention mumbled conjoined syllables). Musen vs mössen. (älskar dig vs älskar er)
We can learn various "real life" local tendencies by listening to youtube newscasts later.
I'm now stopping the Listening Exercises ...unwillingly but I've only got 2 to at most 3 hours a day for this.


I wrote "the cats eat the mice". Isn't "the mouse" "muset"? How do you say "the mice"? pl


No, mus is an en-word, so "the mouse" would be musen. "Mice" is an irregular plural in Swedish : möss.


Tack så mycket!


I was thinking of huset, so I thought muset would follow... oh well. Thanks.


Yeah, there isn't really a good pattern to en and ett words in Swedish (there is kind of one but it is really complex and unhelpful). It's probably best for you to just memorize the gender when you learn the word :)


If I type "katterna äter musen" the question is marked as wrong and it says the correct form is "katterna äter mössen" if I type "katterna äter mössen" the question is marked wrong and it says the correct form is "katterna äter musen" what the heck do I do?


Struggling to hear the difference between musen and mössen too...


The new voice is terrible. I'm losing XP too often because of misheard words.


I wrote The cats eats the mouse. It should be a typo


The cats eat a mouse?


That is: katterna äter en mus.


It's "The cats eat the mouse." Evidently it's a big mouse. :)

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