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Learning German

Hi there!

I've recently started to learn German on here and I've been finding it very useful! I already knew the odd word in the language (from my father who used to go train-spotting in Germany and from my mother who did German at school, oh and of course Rammstein, ha ha.) but I've probably pronounced them wrong. I know that when Duolingo asks me to say a sentence in German, I believe that my accent stops me from saying things clearly and so I miss a word but hey ho. I'm really enjoying it so far. I much prefer this than when I did languages at school. I did French from Year 3 to Year 9 (I've forgotten most of it,oops) and I did Spanish for GCSE. I wasn't very good at that either xD

But yes, how is everyone else finding it? Feel free to friend me :)

P.s What languages would you like to see on here? I wouldn't mind seeing Finnish and Japanese.

January 18, 2015



I find duolingo very useful, but it will never compare to a proper language class. Being a language teacher myself, I encourage my pupils to embrace duolingo as 'an extra tool' to gain vocabulary, consolidate topics seen in class etc , however, I don't believe that duolingo alone can provide the necessary social interaction one needs in order to 'learn' a foreign language. One aspect that I find Duolingo lacks of is dialogue practice. I know it is a piece of 'software' that relies on translation, so for this instance, it may be ok, but, again, it will never compare to a proper interaction in a classroom.


Ive been using duolingo as well as a few other things to learn german on my own and I find myself missing social interaction like i had when i took french in college. I found a website recently, though, that has started to help with that part. I still use duolingo and mindsnacks but I also use gospeaky for the social aspect. Its a great way to find native speakers and you can video chat as well as just messaging. I think its a really great tool for pointing out what areas you need to focus on and practicing the more practical skills for real life conversations!


Thank you! I have been trying very hard to find some way to get more in touch with the speaking aspect of language learning. Just started German today, let's go! (:


That I can understand. Although I have only just started using this site, I have noticed that you only speak the phrases once or twice. I do have a flat mate that can speak some German so I'll use it on her :)


Haha Rammstein has taught us so many things!

I'm also liking this website a lot. Good luck with it, tschüss!


When I started learning German here, I thought they were saying "Du hast Milch" in the song. lol


I started using Duolingo just over a week ago and I love it! For years I've wanted to the learn the language but became too overwhelmed or intimidated to venture anything beyond the first one or two lessons of my various attempts.. I'm on a '4 day streak' so far. Goal is to keep that streak going well into triple digit numbers! We'll see! Best of luck to you! :)


Rammstein /m/ I'm loving the duolingo method too. It's very addictive. I guess I'd like Arabic or Russian in order to understand certain newspapers and some controversies better.


I am learning German from English when I'm actually brazilian... It was kinda hard at first but now I'm getting used to it.

Also, japanese would be awesome to learn here!


I just started learning german and duolingo has become one of my favorite pass times. My boyfriend is brazillian so i get to show off that I can learn two languages like him. He was a little sad that I did not pick portugese but that will be next haha.

[deactivated user]

    I'm currently studying French as AS Level and starting to learn German on here :) I'd like to see Latin because i'm distraught that I didn't take it at GCSE :'(


    Good luck for you, your story with German is the same with my French :)


    hey hey hey ,,i'm learning German too and I find it very interesting in spit of the hard pronunciation of those complex words... also , i'm a member of a group for German beginner learners of Duolingo members on Skype ..if you want me to add you it's very amusing too just send me your Skype id or i will send you mine " cause you know it's frown upon her to post personal contacts " ...thanks ,,good luck ,,, and what is " Rammstein " ?? :D


    I would love to get in on the Skype group ^-^ what's your id so I can add you?


    it's ahmed_hemeida ^_^


    I like duolingo a lot. Besides its easy and simple nature, you fell that you can progress really fast, and the ability to just go back and review something you don't feel strong with allows you to go back and work more on that lesson. The only thing missing, as others have pointed out already, is the social / speaking aspect. As such, duolingo works best as a support tool. Still, a great resource to try a new language, see if that is something you would like to learn in the long run.


    Hey! I'd like to friend someone! I just want someone around my age and a girl. I am learning Spanish and will soon try to learn German! Chao!


    Hi haw are you ? I am ayoub aami
    I love languages and adore the English language I am an Arab and I love dealing Europeans and literature


    I am Raven! I'm trying to learn Spanish. I am German and American and I love fantasy!


    Hi I am fine. I am from Brazil. I am studying English. I love languages , too.


    I am studying Spanish. I am from America, though I want to see what living somewhere else would be, without all the technology, though other places have tech. too! Maybe we could get to know each other?


    Why is your Username The Insane Corner?


    Hi I am Tsatsaa. I am from Mongolia. I am studying German.


    Hi! I am Raven. I am studying Spanish! I am from America. I will start German soon.

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