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  5. "De ser servitricen."

"De ser servitricen."

Translation:They see the waitress.

January 18, 2015



Is there a reason for such a diversity between "the waiter and the waitress" against "tjeneren og servitricen"? The latter seem to have completely different origins, unlike their english counterpart


'Servitrice' is an old fashioned word. Nobody would say it in 2015. My mind is visualizing 50's style girls in diners, when I see the word.


So why bother teaching it?


So what would the correct word be?


I'd say "tjener". No gender distinction.


Finally..... the question being .. in the fancy restaurant that youre in at the moment.. does she see you....


In general, is it correct to say that Danish is moving away from gendered job names? This is the only one i think I've seen in duo.


Generally yes, though a few persists. "Sygeplejeske" is one that is still around and is used for everyone. "Barnepige" is also still around (used for all genders) though I think the more neutral English "babysitter" is also used and that "barnepasser" might also be gaining some use. "Skuespillerinde" is on the way out, but is still heard.

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