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duoLingo dashboard API

[deactivated user]

    The dashboard is wonderful. I'm using it to track my two girls work. It would be wonderful if there was a dashboard API that would let me pull the duoLingo info into a dashboard to aggregate progress across multiple learning services (kahn academy, duoLingo, code academy).

    January 18, 2015



    Afaik, duo has no plans for a publicly available API.


    That is very sad news. The whole Duolingo ecosystem could really benefit from a public API and integrations.


    @DuoLingo staff

    How about a Club API if you develop it to the web portal?

    It would be good if admins could download the leaderboard statistics the next days, even from 3-4 weeks ago!

    It makes no sense to sit each Monday 01:00-02:00am GMT+1 / CET just to be able to view the leaderboard before it resets to 0XP.

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