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  5. "Perderò il mio posto."

"Perderò il mio posto."

Translation:I will lose my job.

January 18, 2015



Could this also refer to a situation such as losing one's place in line?


I think "posto" can refer to almost any place: in line, in a theater, in the bus... "Place" still not accepted. Nov 2019.


I would certainly agree that "place" should be accepted - but how do you know it's still not accepted in Nov 2019? That won't happen for another 8 months! I realize that this is a lesson about on the future, but..... Then again, knowing DL, you're probably right.


"I will lose my spot" accepted as per February 2018.


I lost my place--not accepted 1 Dec. 2018.


So can "posto" be used interchangeably with "lavoro"?


No, non interchangeably.

  • Nel mio lavoro mi occupo dello sviluppo di siti web. (you can't use "posto")

  • vado a fare un lavoro. (you can't use posto)

posto is like workplace (it's the short form of "posto di lavoro") and lavoro is like work/job with the verb "lost" for example they can be used interchangeably, because if you will lose your job you also will lose your workplace"


It's similar to saying our "post" with regards to a job. Like when their is a job opening, we often say "the post is open".


I agree. I put post and was marked wrong . I reported it.


Sep 2017, still not accepted! Regardless of wether or not it was put in the hints, post does refer to a job position and should be accepted.


Ohhh ok! Thanks! I understand this much better now. ^^


I put "i will lose my position" meaning job, but it wasn't accepted :( its a slightly old fashioned term, but still valid in British English (not sure about American or other Englishes though). But I'm cheered that I got the concept correct if not the accepted word.


I think it should have been accepted too I reported it


I will lose my position... Marked wrong May 2019


still wrong July 2020- reported


I almost put: "I will lose my seat", which should be accepted. I note that DL does not suggest its use. I wonder if it would accept seat. Maybe I will try when it comes up again in review.


I will lose my job or post is correct but not my spot as indicated in the official text. Spot is a strand translation of "posto"


'Post' is one of the translations Duolingo suggests for 'Posto', yet 'I will lose my post' is not accepted.


This is future tense not subjunctive.

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