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"An bhfuil siad leis an gclub?"

Translation:Are they with the club?

January 18, 2015



Can this mean 'do they belong to the club'? I'm thinking of uses of 'le' such as 'is liomsa é' or 'tá leabhar leat agam'.


The EID and NEID offer the form An bhfuil siad ina mbaill den chlub? for asking if they belong to the club; le doesn’t seem to be used to express membership.


Go raibh maith agat.


Would one pronounce "club" with a "u" as in English?


Oops, I got that it said "with the club," but my mind auto-corrected it to say "with the cult." I don't even watch King of the Hill, I only know it from the meme.


Mar shampla. A spouse of a member might be in the group so would be with but not in the club.


Does this club mean a mace (weapon), a night club, or a group of people? What does "with the club" mean?

I though the translation would be "in the club", which was wrong. "With the mace" also looks wrong because how many people could be with the same mace. "With the group of people" doesn't look natural either with the "club" word. I'm not a native English speaker though...


It means a club as in a sports club. 'With the club' is not a particularly common idiom in English, but I think in this case it means 'belonging to the club', since 'le' has this connotation in Irish and I can't make sense of it otherwise. Imagine a GAA party at a hotel where the club is running a bar tab, perhaps – one barman might ask another, 'Are they with the club?'


Le doesn’t have that membership connotation in Irish; it does have an accompaniment connotation, as Daithi2820 noted below.


Go raibh maith agat!

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