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Found in the woods...

When I was in the Netherlands, albeit in the 60's, there was a sign that occasionally appeared in the woods which read:

Laat niet tot dank vor het aanganaam verposen de eigenaar van het bos de schillen en de dozen.

My apologies to more advanced students of Dutch and native speakers for any of my spelling and grammatical borishisms but I am offering up the quote from memory, phonetic memory at that. I have tried to use on line translators but they have produced only gibberish. I think understand the gist of what is being said to be: "don't forget to thank the owner of these woods in which you have rested by picking up your trash." (peels and boxes!?)

Could someone translate the sentence into normal English usage without having to resort to literary license to the extent that I have?

Piet, at the gym, tells me that "aanganaam verpozen" is a somewhat archaic phrase for "rest." That may well be but it sends internet-based translators into paroxisms of pure bafflegab.

January 18, 2015



You almost got it right :) It means something like: Don't thank the owner of the woods for your pleasant stay by leaving him your peels and boxes (I guess those were popular items to leave behind in forests back in the day?).

And the Dutch sentence without spelling errors: Laat niet tot dank voor het aangenaam verpozen de eigenaar van het bos de schillen en de dozen.

[deactivated user]

    I agree :) I would like to add that this is old-timey dutch and you won't encounter it a lot!


    It is pretty archaic, and also the structure is weird - to make it rhyme! It would mean, if you kept the sentence structure intact a bit 'don't leave as thanks for the pleasant stay, the owner of the forest, the peels and the boxes'.

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