Hot keys!

I would really appreciate it if there was a way to type the special characters without needing to use my mouse. Am I just missing it??

November 14, 2012


On a Mac: Type the accent first, then the letter. Option-e gives you ´, then typing "e" will give you é, or similarly for á, í and ó. Option-(backtick) gives you è, à, etc. Option-n gives you ˜ for ñ.

Note this is all just standard OS-specific stuff for typing special characters, and I'm sure you can find complete lists online for both Mac and Windows. You'll find you can use them in your forum posts, Word documents, note-pad etc. It feels really clunky at first, but eventually it will become much faster than using the mouse.

If you use MS Windows, you can simple first type the accent and then the letter:

Vowels: 'a = á / `a = à / ^a = â / "a = ä / ~a = ã

Consonants: ~n = ñ / 'c = ç / right alt + s = ß

~n = ñ / 'c = ç will not work for German Keyboards. You have to use ALT+charactar code Another solution is: MSKLC.EXE from Microsoft

With this tool you can add you own Keyboard-Layouts

The easeast way in MS Windows: Activate the spanish keyboard layout and you are out of trouble. Works fine with a german keyboard.

Thanks guys! I turned on the international keyboard (US) and its working great now.

How about on a mac? Perhaps holding the alt key and typing should do this on any platform.

On a Mac, to get umlauts I just type option-u + letter. ö, ä, ü, etc. Option-S gives me ß. Not sure about other languages, though.

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