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Why double negation Ne and Pas

In the sentence, "Je ne parle pas bien français", why is there a double negation with Ne and Pas?

May 6, 2012



To negate a sentence, you just make a "verb sandwich" with "ne" in front and "pas" after it! There are several other negations besides "pas" in later lessons. That said, "ne" is somewhat superfluous, and is usually left out completely in informal, spoken French, but it best to learn it first the formal, complete way.


that's right, and to give you an example of what ricainrico correctly explained, If you wanna say " I don't eat bread " - " Je ne mange pas du pain " A french person would just say "J'mange pas du pain." Both are correct, but stick to the first one when you are learning.


I'm french and I live in France and I find it terribly annoying when foreigners, especially young ones, speak all the "ne pas" and "nous". It just sounds ridiculous and makes everything harder to understand. Plus it's not comfortable to see native speakers frowning all the time when you speak. They would greatly benefit from sticking to "pas" and "on" earlier in the learning process. Of course I won't hate or bite them if they use the outdated versions, but come on! Make a little extra effort, it's worth it ^^'


That is how you build a negative sentence, with "ne"before the verb and "pas" after it.

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