"Vi går till stranden."

Translation:We are going to the beach.

January 18, 2015

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Loona's "Vamos a la playa" starts playing


Varför säger man "går på bio" eller "går på museum", men "går till stranden" istället?


There is a difference to it, actually. With gå till stranden, what you're talking about is going to the beach, as in the focus is on getting there. When going på bio or på museum the focus is on the activity of being there and doing the things you do when at the cinema or the museum. However, prepositions are highly irregular in all languages and will require quite a bit of practice.


Vi is not pronounced Ve, the audio is incorrect here

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Yeah this one is particularly awful. Duo either needs to create a separate field where the course creators can type out a phonetic pronunciation, or switch to recordings of actual people saying these.


Vamos a la playa eh oh eh oh eh


This is not necessarily walking? If I go by car, I still say jag går till stranden?


Nah, in that case I'd say Jag åker.. (I'm riding/driving) or Jag drar.. (Essentially: "I'm leaving" but using the word pulling as slang)

In some sentences "Jag går" can apply to not walking in a stronger sense.. but those thend to be slightly more non-specific anbd focused on the act more than the destination. Like: "Jag går hem" (I'm going home / I'm walking home) both are equal interpretations as the act is more stating that you are leaving than focusing on the destination.

Diffuse.. but Swedish is that way a lot of the time.

I'd say the translation would be walking in this case. Definately walking as the main translation..

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