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How do I type the portuguese characters on the keyboard?

November 14, 2012



On some computers you hold the letter key down until a mini dialogue box pops up. I know Macs do this. In the dialogue box you can select the accented letter of your choice.


I believe starting with OS X Lion you can do this. Just press the a or e as an example but don't let up on the key. In a second you'll see a popup with the choices of accents. Let go of the key and press the corresponding number key for the accent you want.


1) you need to press the APOSTROPHE(thx Calvo) key, let it go and then press the character you want: á, é, í, ó, ú etc.

2) SHIFT + 6 together, then the character you want: â, ê, î, ô, û etc.

3) SHIFT + ` (the key under escape), then the character you want: ã, õ (não)

4) Just the ` key + the character: à, è, ì, ò, ù = (às tardes).

5) There are probably a few more ways too! Hope it works! :)


Just an extra note - when using Portuguese (Brazil) IME with an English physical keyboard, the ^ sign is at the " key (the one right beside the Enter key). So, to type ê, you type Shift+", then e. Same for the other letters with a circumflex.


Traduqtor, if you're using a Windows based computer, be sure you have the keyboard set up as "United States - International" (you change the keyboard in Regional Settings in the Control Panel). Once you have the right keyboard, what SirCumference wrote will work. To get ü, type the double quote marks followed by u. A ç is made with the single quote followed by c. With the international keyboard, if you want to type a single or double quote, you will have to type the wanted character followed by a space. If you're not working with a Windows based system, you might need to check your owner's manual or talk to someone familiar with your operating system.


For ü it worked double quotation mark and u for ç - apostrophe and c


Windows has the accents in upper ASCII.


SirCumference CalvoViejo thank you very much for the tip.

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