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  5. "The dog has a long neck."

"The dog has a long neck."

Translation:De hond heeft een lange nek.

January 18, 2015



How do I know when to use lang or lange? Is it because male and female? Do I have to remember it or is there a general rule that I can fallow?


In Dutch masculine and feminine nouns are both de woorden except for some very specific situation there is no difference. However for using lang or lange you have to know if a noun is a de woord or a het woord (neuter), so you'll have to remember that. And next to that apply a general rule that is explained here.


Most of the time if its in front of a word you need the e ,there will be times you wont need it be if you have trouble remembering the exeptions its mostly safe to guess e before the word and no e after


Is there any shade of meaning between nek and hals, please?

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