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å/ä/ö and correct answers

I understand that it's hard for some people to type these, especially with no built-in way to do so yet. However, I really wish that Duolingo would tell me when I use a and o instead, and mark that as a typo. That way people will not have their whole answer marked wrong, but we will be alerted to the misspelling.

It is already hard to convince my brain that these are new and distinct letters, and with Duolingo not correcting me when I say a or o instead, it just makes it worse. If a typo warning is not given, I think this will make a lot of people think that å/ä/ö are not distinct letters and sounds... then they will look silly when writing Swedish elsewhere! (like I do :P)

January 18, 2015



I agree with you. They should be marked as typos, even now. I have no problem typing those letters on my Android phone or my US 101 keyboard (using compose keys). For what it's worth, the Fabulo Swedish app has the same bug.

One thing that has helped me is to pay close attention to how each letter is said. There's a distinct difference between them. I also don't think of the name of the letters like "a with the dots" but instead I think of the sound of ä.


I hope (and assume) that this change will come once the on-screen keyboard is implemented, which should be happening soon. All of the other languages that I have tried on Duolingo give you such an alert.


It has been implemented in the app! I typed 'ide' earlier and it told met to write 'idé' (didn't try much esle as the app was really slow!) Maybe this means it will come to the browser-version soon?

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