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Why can't timed practice pause?

When doing timed practice, it really seems like the clock should pause when you click the links to read discussion or report an error.

When I make a mistake and want to read the discussion to find out why, it's really frustrating to have to choose between that and finishing the session, especially since there's no way to go back and see it later.

Earlier, I was doing timed practice and found a mistake. I went to report it, but the timer ran out while I was typing, so my round ended AND I didn't get to submit the report.

January 19, 2015

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I had the same issue. It wasn't even nitpicking; it was a "choose the correct answer" question, and the third choice covered the "Check" button! (Note for other users: you can get around this by hitting the "Enter" or "Return" key of your keyboard.) It's a real shame that in your case, you weren't even able to submit the report. I managed to type something quickly, but it definitely affected my overall score.

It would also be handy to pause for other reasons too - you can't guarantee that you won't be interrupted while working. I know someone could easily cheat by pausing and thinking about it, but it could be made more difficult by blacking out the screen until the timer is unpaused.

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