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Unable to complete lessons on the Website

Duolingo works fine on my iphone, but when I try to access lessons on my computer, it sends me back to the home page.

I'll click whatever skill, then the specific lesson, and I'll be in the lesson for half a second before it reloads the home page.

My internet browser is Chrome, if that helps anyone figure out what is going on.

January 19, 2015



Nevermind. I found out it was an extension I was using!


Oh no!! Buunny! :(

Could you add what operating system you're suing as well? The tech team might want to know. I hope they get it fixed quickly. In the meantime, have you tried another browser for now?


Thank you Usagi, but I figured it out. It was an extensions that (I think) I got off of the wiki a while back. It's called Duolingo Tweaks and it allows you to switch between languages when the base language is different more easily. I turned it off and I'm now experiencing no problems. Thanks for responding so quickly, though. :)


same here I use chrome


I have the same problem

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