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  5. "De sinaasappel spreekt."

"De sinaasappel spreekt."

Translation:The orange is speaking.

January 19, 2015

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Another winning sentence from Duolingo. :P


Probably had one brownie too many


The annoying orange, of course. HEY APPLE (HOY APPEL)


I was thinking the same thing!


This will be so useful. Imagine someone going up to a Dutch-speaking person like -

"De sinaasappel spreekt" then walking away like nothing ever happened.


Go up to someone and say Good morning, juice.


Or "excuse me, i am an apple"


A man walks up to you with a burgundy cloak on, that has a baggy hood that shades their face a good percentage. They walk up and say in a slightly quiet and monotone voice. He spreads his hands as he says "Goedemorgen, mijnheer". He then makes an "air ball" with his hands about a foot away from each other and says in the same voice: "De sinaasapple spreekt". He holds the golden cross necklace by the bottom ever so gently, then turns around on his heels. He stands there for maybe 5 seconds, then walks down an alley. You run to see where he went in the alley, and nobody is there....................................


The house of Orange


Dat is Huis van Oranje in het Nederlands.


That's how you know you've been studying too long.


I had this weird dream where I was an apple in Holland... After being alone for a while, I screamed to the first person I saw: Hoi!

"De sinaasappel spreekt!" - he screamed back.

"Nee! Ik ben een appel!" - I wasn't that good in Dutch, but at least I knew how to say that! That may not helped much in the dream, but it was totally worth it!


from the creators of "goedemorgen sap" here comes "de sinaasappel spreekt"... That's just too good, I love this course !!


Ohh duolingo you did it again! ._.


Does sinaas mean the color orange? So the fruit orange would be 'orange apple' or something?


No, oranje is orange the colour.

sinaasappel (I was reliably informed that it literally means China appel) is orange the fruit.

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