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Ability to see student's all-time score/Set custom date range

I see the drop-down menu to see their XP week to week, but I am not finding an option to see their total points without clicking on each student's profile one by one. It would be nice to have a drop-down option to view all weeks, or set a range of dates both for grading, and for my in-class leader board. If someone has found a way to set it this way, please share!

January 19, 2015



Good suggestion! We'll do this soon.


In fact, would it be possible to see the students in order of their scores and potentially for them to see a class leaderboard. It would really help the competition factor. Potentially, their scores could be the first thing and then we could click in to see the progress that they have made. There's a great vocabulary learning site in the UK called vocabexpress whose scoreboards work really well - you could check them out potentially.


Sorry - me again - I forgot! Would it be possible to see different classes on different screens? It's tricky to pick out certain pupils at the moment. I don't know if you've considered that students might study two languages with different teachers and therefore it would be great if they appeared separately for each language. Thanks for everything you're doing - it's a great language learning tool

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