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Some lessons aren't covering all the words they're said to cover

I'm working on Spanish right now and I just noticed on the "Food" skill, Lesson 4 the words it claims to cover are: papa, salsa, cebolla, cena, desayuno, azúcar, sal. In the lesson, even after redoing it, I haven't seen desayuno, azúcar, or sal. There's other lessons where this is happening too. Do I just need to keep redoing the lesson until I get those words? I think I've redone some multiple times and it's just the same questions, not even rephrased or anything and still missing some words claimed to be included in the lesson.

January 19, 2015



They are covered, it is just that the words chosen are randomised and not all words are chosen every time. If you repeated the lesson several times it is likely that you will encounter those words.


And sometimes one may not get a word even after 3-4 Redos and will see it for the first time when doing a strengthening exercise.

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