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Possessives — small errors in English explanation


I am delighted with the professionalism of the Duolingo system and with how quickly Xneb addressed an earlier report I made of a small error. It is frankly amazing that you are able too make such rapid progress in developing the language engine and producing so many courses for different languages with a very small staff. Congratulations.

Here are a few errors I noticed, all in the English text of the explanations on the Possessives explanation for the Danish Beta course. Nothing major, and I admire how you have managed to concisely address a somewhat complex topic.

However, possessive pronouns and adjectives for the first and second person in singular (my, mine, your, yours in English) must be declined towards the thing being owned:

It would read more naturally in English to leave out the “in” and just say “first and second person singular”.

Note that the third person impersonal possessive pronouns (its in English) declines with the grammatical gender of the the item that is owning, and not the item being owned:

The word should be pronoun (singular); also, the word “the” was accidentally repeated.

The possessive adjective (dens or dets) in these examples stay the same regardless of the grammatical gender of the noun they modify. So it is:

This should be pluralized as adjectives, because that word is the subject of the sentence, which must agree in number with the plural verb “stay.”

Again, many thanks for Duolingo itself and for the people working to make it even better.

Kind regards, Eriko

January 19, 2015



I've corrected it in the Incubator. I'm not sure how long it takes the lesson page to update but hopefully it should be fixed within a few hours


And this is why we love, Xneb :)


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It must mean you are quite interested in the course since you read it so carefully. :)

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