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  5. "Selvfølgelig slog hun mig."

"Selvfølgelig slog hun mig."

Translation:Of course she beat me.

January 19, 2015



Why can't it be 'Of course she hurt me?' My students are often hurting each others feelings, but rarely hit one another.


Slog is physical

It can also mean that she has won a game agenst the speaker.

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I would use "at gøre ondt" here. For example, "Hun gjorde mig ondt!!" can mean she hurt me either physically or emotionally/psychologically


What's the pronunciation difference between slå and slog?


Hmm, that is a really difficult question to answer in writing! Slog is sort of an open sound with a round mouth to make the o in slog. That o-sound is used A LOT in Danish. Like in to, ko, sko, lo og so. (Two, cow, shoe, laughed and sow) I can't of the top of my head think of a word with that sound in English, but maybe that's because it's 3 a.m. here... Slå is much easier, because that sound is all over English. Our å is the same sound as the sighed 'ohh'.

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