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"She is jealous of me because I have a croquette."

Translation:Zij is jaloers op mij, omdat ik een kroket heb.

January 19, 2015



what's up with "want" instead of "omdat" for "because". Plus it's easier to use for an English-speaker because you don't have to change the word order in the subordinate clause!


I don't know for sure 100%, but it seems that if it sounds natural in English to replace "because" with "for", the "want" construction will work.


She is jealous for I have a croquette = ze is jaloers want ik heb een kroket. She is jealous because i have a croquette = ze is jaloers omdat ik een kroket heb.

Hope this helps (still believe both would be accepted though)


Wat is het verschil tussen omdat en want?

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