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"Har mændene lyseblå skjorter?"

Translation:Do the men have light blue shirts?

January 19, 2015



Here 'skjorter' is plural right? Why doesn't the 'lysebla' inflect? (like in 'brune bjorne')?

p/s: sorry for the lack of correct Danish letters.


"blå" is irregular in that it doesn't inflect in the plural form or after a definite article ("Den lyseblå skjorte" and "Det lyseblå hus" but it does inflect for neuter, so it is "et lyseblåt dyr")

Also, if you don't have the Danish characters you can type them like this:
>æ -> ae
>ø -> oe
>å -> aa


thank you! And thank you for the nice trick!


I guesses. I don't know why it's lysebla, and not lyseblat. Does it have to do with the gender of the noun, in this case the skjorter?


It has to do with gender, number, and whether it is definite (has a de- article) or not. Blå only has two possible forms. Blåt is used only with indefinite neuter-gender nouns (et blåt æg), and blå for all other cases.

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