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  5. "Han går omkring fuglen."

"Han går omkring fuglen."

Translation:He walks around the bird.

January 19, 2015



Can this not be translated as "he goes around the bird."?


Worked for me. 05/04/21.


does this even make sense


Why not? It is a perfectly grammatical structure, and it's not even entirely bizarre semantically.


I walk around birds all the time. I'm very considerate of their feelings.


If there was a pigeon on the sidewalk, I would walk around it.


You should also go around a Canada goose, an emu, an ostrich... definitely go around Canada geese, they are nasty!

Actually I did this a couple years ago. A pair of Canada geese had their goslings on the sidewalk. I had to cross the street to go around safely.


You could use this same sentence structure to say X walks around Y, that is how I look at it. Useful once you learn more and more vocabulary.


It would be a very wise idea if the bird was a cassowary.


Oh ya beat me to it!


If the bird is dead and the man wants to look at it from different angles to investigate the cause of death... Not the happiest of occasions but it can happen. Or maybe the bird is in a cage, but in that case one would rather say the man walks around the cage.


You walk around the ducks in the areas around Miami. More people have been hurt by ducks than gaters probably. I haven't heard of any deaths by ducks, but who knows, maybe some parent thought it would be cool to have their baby or toodler feed a duck.


Han går omkring fuglen og regn falder omkring ham

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