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Sharing on Facebook is broken again.

It's no big deal right now, but I'm just hoping I don't get to level 25 and look like I threw in the towel at a lower level.

Thank you for your time and for such a great website.

January 19, 2015



Hi, what exactly can't you share on FB? and what is the behavior you're seeing?


When I reach a new level, it gives two buttons at the bottom. The option on the left is the blue button to share on facebook. The button on the right is to continue. When I click on the "Share" button, nothing happens and I finally have to give up and click "Continue." The button to continue works, but not the button to share. Sometimes it works, but it's broken again.


It's still broken. It's okay, but I just need someone in support to let me know when it's fixed so I can halt shortly before level 25 until the problem is repaired. I don't want to look like a quitter, looking like I gave up at level 24 or at level 16.

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