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Mistakes in shortcut sequence


my mother tongue is German and I try to learn a bit more English by using the "learning German from English" sequence. Thereby I've found a mistake in the second shortcut level. I should translate: "I never swim." into German. My answer was wrong and the solution of duolingo was: "Ich schwimmer niemals." But this is wrong. The right solution is: "Ich schwimme niemals."

I hope it's the right place to communicate such mistakes and hope I can help you with this hint.

Your program is awesome allthough there is already no "learning a language from German" sequence. Thank you very much for this App.

July 31, 2013



The best place to report this type of errors is to use the "report" button that appears after you answer a question. This button is located at the bottom left of the page, bellow the green or pink frame that contains the correct of proposed solutions.


I only use duolingo on my smartphone and there isn't such a button.

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