"Lui non dimostra la sua età."

Translation:He does not show his age.

July 31, 2013



If "He does not demonstrate his age." is considered correct, shouldn't another valid reading be "He does not demonstrate her age."? We have not used 'proprio' here, so it could very well be that 'sua' refers to someone else.

December 4, 2014


What would that mean, though?

July 26, 2018


In English, "He doesn't show his age" is ambiguous, and it's not the natural way to say either of the possible meanings. It's a peculiar way of saying he doesn't appear to be as old as he really is; the more natural way, for an American speaker at least, would be "He doesn't look his age." The other possible meaning is that he doesn't reveal his age, i.e. he won't tell you how old he is. In neither case would a native English speaker be likely to say "He doesn't show his age."

October 11, 2014


It's not peculiar at all. I heard an NFL announcer recently say this about an older player, and it seemed perfectly natural.

December 2, 2015


Yes, I think you're right.

December 24, 2015


Isn't he sue, instead of sua? What?

March 6, 2015


The possessive pronoun goes with the object. For "età" is feminine singular, it has to be "sua". "sue" is feminine plural.

April 27, 2015


¨He doesn't seem to be his real age¨ Is it real bad??

July 31, 2013


It is not ungrammatical, but you probably wouldn't say that in English. You'd probably say "He doesn't look his age" or "he doesn't show his age."

September 1, 2013


What about "He doesn't seem his age"?

October 23, 2014


Technically that's possible, but it's also ambiguous: it could mean that he doesn't look his age, or that he doesn't act his age.

October 24, 2014


Or possibly, he doesn't act his age!

October 11, 2015


'He does not act his age' was accepted as well, so I guess it means both to 'look' ones age as well as to 'act' ones age.

October 21, 2015


is this he doesn't show his age as in a 40 yr old man may look 30? Or is this used the way American's use "He doesn't act his age"?

December 6, 2015


Would 'He doesn't look his age' be OK here?

January 17, 2016


why not use "mostra" here instead of "dimostra?" What's the difference and what is the context for using each?

June 30, 2017


I think that "Non ha la sua età" means: "He doesn't look his age".

July 12, 2018


Why wasn't "He doesn't show his age" accepted if "He does not show his age" is?

March 3, 2019


In English this would be translated as, ' he does not look is age'.

March 17, 2019


What's my age again?

June 26, 2018
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