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  5. "You are an excellent couple."

"You are an excellent couple."

Translation:I er et fremragende par.

January 19, 2015



Why "Du er et fremragende par" is not accepted?


Can one person be a couple? du is singular.


of course, he can. You can be an excellent couple for another person. for example when you are playing tennis with a good player, i think that you could say him, You are an excellent couple.


That's not true in English. "You are an excellent couple" is always in the plural. One way to think about this is to imagine that you are saying it to Dave. You cannot say "Dave is an excellent couple," unless you are speaking quite figuratively. You would instead say "Dave is an excellent partner."


I see the 'ende' ending all of the time. What does it mean? Anything in particular?


It's similar to the "-ing" ending for verbs in English (Going = Gående) it's just not used in the same contexts (one wouldn't say in Danish "Jeg er gående" for "I am going", but you can use it as "Han kom cyklende forbi" for "He came cycling past")


Thanks. I wish they'd do one of those tip sections on common endings. There are so many you see over and over. I would probably help me remember many words and decode new ones.

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