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How profficient can I be after a course? Equivalent qualification level?

Hi all. First, let me say what an amazing system this is and what a friendly bunch you all seem. Nice to find a corner of the internet so relatively free of trolls or those that take offense over nothing. Just wondering, I'd love to finish all the courses on here and many more besides in future - after completing a course, how profficient will I be? If you like, what would be my equivalent qualfication level? Are there any certificates issued that I could quote on a CV, for instance? Thanks very much Duolingo and the community, -webbo

July 31, 2013



I doubt very much that there is way to accurately predict that, because it relies much more on your own personal study habits and methods than anything else. Duo lingo is brilliant for learning new words, and if you get pretty far into any of the courses, you will find yourself reading news articles etc with relative ease. It is an invaluable asset because once it is on your phone, you can take it anywhere and put use to every otherwise wasted moment.

However, only you can put yourself in a position where you are able to practice talking with other people, and while duo lingo is going to be able to load you with all the tools you need, it's up to you to learn how to use them. Which is no fault of duo lingo, it's just technically impossible to do any better unless someone invents star trek holodeck level computers that can have a sophisticated conversation with you.

If I was going to recommend the best way to take advantage of duo lingo, I would say, smash your way through the courses by practising every day, try and find some chat rooms so you can follow real conversation, then invest in a proper course or assessment, at which point you will have enough background knowledge to sail smoothly through compared to total beginners, ensuring that it is money well spent and you are not frustrated.


thanks for taking the time and for the good advice.

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